Realtime Photo Sharing Share the photos you took with your firends in real time.

Welcome to Paparacci me Paparacci me is a photo sharing service to enjoy at parties and events.

Create a Facebook Event

Log in to the Facebook app "Paparacci me"
with your Facebook account and create an event.

Invite your friends

Invite your Facebook friends to the event.

Download the app

Download the iPhone app "Paparacci me"
before the event starts.

Only ongoing events you were invited to are
shown on the event list in the app.

Take photos

Start up the app and log in to the event.
Capture the excitement of the party!

*There is also a drawing function to
customise your picture.

"Throw" the photo

"Throw" the photo to the screen* at the venue.

*The Paparacci me Viewer needs to be open on the screen.

Share the photos

Your pictures will be shown on the screen
to share with everyone at the venue.

Let's Play!

Event Guests


Download the free iPhone App Paparacci me
and select the Facebook Event you were invited to. If the event cannot be found, enter the given passcode at the venue.